About Life in Flight

In Canada and around the world, aviation professionals help our communities thrive. Life in Flight ensures we’ll continue to have qualified people in these vital roles, on the ground and in the sky.

Life in Flight offers quality pilot training followed by an exciting and secure career within established air operators. We connect candidates to boundless long-term career opportunities in aviation, beginning with a guaranteed first five years within our family of companies.

Life in Flight is part of Exchange Income Corporation (EIC), a group that includes Canada’s most distinguished flight school, Moncton Flight College, and several established regional air operators. EIC’s companies are vital to connecting Canada’s most remote communities and ensuring traditionally underserved communities can prosper.

Our Mission

To provide a complete and seamless path to a meaningful aviation career, with continued support at every turn.

Our Values

Commit to Excellence

Whether through quality training or fulfilling, long-term career opportunities, we always strive to offer the best.

Act with Integrity

We communicate transparently, prioritize safety, and always act in the best interest of Life in Flight participants and stakeholders.

Keep Community at Our Core

Relationships are the heart of our program, and our family of companies. We prioritize inclusion and offer ongoing mentorship and support, so our candidates can always thrive – because our success depends on theirs. 

Our Family of Companies

Each EIC company offers unique opportunities for pilots and aviation professionals to develop their careers at bases around the world. Each company also has its own distinct culture and offers opportunities to work with different aircraft in varying regions.

Air Borealis

Air Borealis was established in 2017 through an historic agreement between the Innu and Inuit of Labrador, together with PAL Airlines. Air Borealis provides regular scheduled flights and cargo services to the North Coast of Labrador, as well as charter and skedivac services throughout Eastern Canada.


Calm Air International

Calm Air International, once beginning as a fishing camp solution has grown into one of Central Canada’s most prominent regional airlines. While serving customers in Northern Manitoba and Nunavut through scheduled passenger operations is its primary business activity, Calm Air also provides on-demand charter services to third parties with destinations throughout Canada and the United States. Calm Air’s fleet is specifically adapted for passenger and freight configuration in the Canadian arctic, allowing for a versatility of flying conditions.


Keewatin Air

Keewatin Air, a staple in the Canadian Arctic for medevac services, has been in operation for 45 years. Originating as a charter service to the Keewatin Region of the Northwest Territories, the company has grown into a world-class medevac and charter airline, servicing remote locations in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Northern Manitoba.


MFC Training

MFC Training (MFC) has a rich history in flight training that dates back to 1929, making it one of Canada’s oldest flight schools. MFC has trained students from 68 countries and has been recognized internationally for its dedicated focus on quality and safety. Since its inception, MFC has taught more than 21,000 pilots from around the world to fly. Graduates from MFC pilot aircraft in every corner of the planet, and hold senior positions throughout the world’s airlines, aviation authorities and companies. Life in Flight graduates can work within MFC as flight instructors, building experience while helping train the next generation of talented pilots.



PAL Aerospace

PAL Aerospace in a leading Canadian aerospace and defence company with a focus on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) solutions. While headquartered in St. John’s, NL, PAL Aerospace maintains vast operations on a global scale.



PAL Airlines

PAL Airlines is a regional airline, serving 22 destinations throughout Eastern Canada. As the country’s largest airline east of Montreal, PAL Airlines has over 40 years of experience providing quality service to an array of clients and customers in both charter, scheduled passenger service and cargo.


Perimeter Aviation

Perimeter Aviation, a niche regional airline headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, provides scheduled passenger airline services, medevac operations and cargo services to locations in both Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. With a strong history as Canada’s first private Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) School, Perimeter has been employing some of the country’s top aviation professionals for over fifty years.


Wasaya Airways

Beginning its story as a floatplane operation, Wasaya Airways has evolved over its 20+ year history to become a premiere provider to First Nations communities in Northern Ontario. Wasaya Airways services over 25 communities, including several located in remote conditions. Owned by a conglomerate of 12 First Nations communities, Wasaya operates a diverse fleet of 17 aircraft, all capable to operate in northern climates and on shorter gravel runways.


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