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Application Process

Whether you’re thinking about life after high school or are looking for a career change, Life in Flight will have an opportunity for you.

Life in Flight evaluates prospective students for practical and academic skills, based on our eligibility requirements. After screening your application, you’ll interview with Moncton Flight College and a representative from the company where you’ll work as a pilot, to further evaluate your potential and help you build a successful aviation career.

The application fee for Life in Flight is CAD$100. This fee encompasses the screening and review of applications, to ensure the candidate will meet necessary requirements for the program. This fee is not refundable.

Life in Flight application checklist

To complete your application to Moncton Flight College, as part of Life in Flight, you’ll need the following electronic documents:

  • A copy of your Transport Canada Category 1 Medical Certificate or a note from your Aviation Medical Examiner stating the exam’s completion if you haven’t yet received your Medical Certificate in the mail;
  • A copy of your official high school or university academic transcript or, if you’re still a high school student, a copy of your most recent grades or report card; and
  • A copy of your driver’s licence or passport.

If you haven’t completed your Category 1 Medical examination, start by finding an Aviation Medical Examiner in your area. Find one here. Contact us for assistance if you live in a community without access to an Aviation Medical Examiner.


Financial Support

We recognize that the pathway to becoming a pilot is costly, so we’ve designed Life in Flight to include financial support and built-in job security – the first and only program of its kind in Canada.

Life in Flight candidates are eligible to apply for a student line of credit, up to $100,000 as required, to cover the cost of pilot training at Moncton Flight College. Then, program graduates are guaranteed a minimum of five years of employment as flight instructors and pilots within our family of companies. After completing five years of work, Life in Flight candidates are also eligible for a $25,000 commitment award.

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