Q&As about Life in Flight

  • How much does it cost to become an EIC pilot?

    Pilot training in Canada typically costs between $60,000 and $100,000. Beyond training and flight hours, this also includes cost of living for the time you will be in training.

    Life in Flight is the only program in Canada to offer financial support to cover the cost of training, plus provide the opportunity to gain 1,500 hours of flight experience as flight instructors. Following that, candidates have a guaranteed job as a pilot with one of our companies for five years. After completing five years of work, Life in Flight candidates are also eligible for a $25,000 commitment award.

  • What kind of salary does an EIC pilot make?

    The salary for a Canadian pilot varies, depending on the pilot’s experience, the job they hold and the type of aircraft they fly. Typically, the starting salary for a pilot within the EIC family ranges between $40,000 and $50,000 annually. Established pilots can earn in excess of $160,000. Each company that employs Life in Flight graduates offers competitive benefits and pay for pilots at every level, in line with industry.

  • How can I pay for pilot training?

    Life in Flight candidates are eligible to apply for a student line of credit to cover flight training tuition at Moncton Flight College, as well as basic living experiences during their time spent as a student.

    As part of the program, candidates are guaranteed a rewarding five-year position within our family of companies.  After completing five years of work, Life in Flight candidates are also eligible for a $25,000 commitment award.

    Moncton Flight College also awards prizes and scholarships at its graduation ceremony each spring. Several companies within Exchange Income Corporation, which runs Life in Flight, also offer scholarships, including for underrepresented groups.


  • How does someone become a Commercial Pilot in Canada?

    Getting a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) or Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) in Canada first requires getting your Private Pilot Licence (PPL). To start, you will need flight training, which includes both ground school and flying time with an instructor. That’s followed by a flight test and a written exam. After that, you’ll need to build at least 200 hours of flight experience before you can get your CPL, and then take a course to attain your Instructor Rating which allows you to work as a flight instructor.

    To fly heavier aircraft – such as those with passengers or cargo – at an EIC airline, you’ll need your ATPL. This can be earned after flying as an instructor for 1,500 hours.

    The Life in Flight program covers all aspects of training required to get an ATPL and to grow your experience as a Commercial Pilot, including time as a flight instructor to gain flight hours and guaranteed employment with one of our air operators.

    In Canada, pilots must also meet medical requirements outlined by Transport Canada. For Life in Flight, candidates must meet Category 1 medical requirements.

  • Does Life in Flight offer helicopter pilot training?

    No. However, Life in Flight offers flight training for a number of exciting aircraft, used for rewarding positions across Canada, including emergency healthcare services, surveillance and more.

  • Does Life in Flight offer housing for students?

    Although Moncton Flight College does not offer housing directly, our Director of Recruiting can assist you in finding a place to live. Moncton is a student-friendly city and finding affordable and comfortable housing is typically not an issue.

  • I have some prior experience through another flight school. Will this count towards my training at Life in Flight?

    Prior flight training, especially the completion of Licences or Ratings such as your Private Pilot Licence, will count towards your training at Life in Flight. Candidates with flight experience who meet eligibility requirements can apply directly to the EIC Life in Flight Program, via the online EIC Recruitment Portal, lifeinflight.ca.

    After submitting an application, candidates will be screened and interviewed to ensure they meet MFC & EIC standards of hire. Each individual situation is different and will be reviewed as such. Successful candidates will enter the program to complete any outstanding Commercial Pilot Licence requirements and attain an MFC Flight Instructor Rating.

  • Am I able to choose the airline I will be working for at the end of my training?

    The EIC family contains a range of exciting career paths. Throughout your application process, we will work closely with you to align on which path best suits your skills. This means that from day one, you’ll have clarity on your future career direction.

  • I’d like to apply but have further questions before submitting my application and $100 fee. Is there someone I can talk to?

    After reading through the website, if you have any further questions you’re welcome to visit the facility in Moncton to ask questions in person or send an email to info@lifeinflight.ca and we will do our best to provide you with the information you need.

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