The Sky’s the Limit

Why Work in Aviation?

A career in aviation lets you embrace adventure and have a positive impact on the world around you – on the ground and in the sky.

From our biggest cities to our most remote corners, the world depends on aviation professionals. We need qualified pilots and on-the-ground aviation professionals to keep us connected to one another and allow our economies to stay strong.

Aviation offers competitive and meaningful career opportunities that are in-demand for the long term.  Along with carrying passengers, pilots are vital for transporting cargo, providing emergency healthcare services, surveillance, forest protection and more.

Within Life in Flight’s family of companies, you’ll find many unique and challenging opportunities to fit your career and lifestyle goals. Life in Flight candidates can ultimately work as flight instructors, airline or charter pilots, air ambulance pilots, air surveillance pilots and special missions pilots in the aerospace defence field, just to name a few.

Working within this group also opens the door to management opportunities, from Chief Pilot to Director of Flight Operations and more.

How to Become a Pilot in Canada

Becoming a pilot means getting a long-term, secure career – one that’s never boring.

It begins with the right training. After that, you’ll want to build your flight hours and overall professional experience in order to be attractive to employers. One of the best ways to do this is as a flight instructor, which is why Life in Flight is structured to include time in this role. Working as a flight instructor is a rewarding experience and way to build unmatched experience, while also letting you actively improve the industry.

Many people incorrectly believe that life as a pilot is demanding and doesn’t offer work-life balance. However, there are many career opportunities that allow pilots and aviation professionals to work regular hours, in the community of their choice. With a variety of different work schedules and bases throughout Central Canada, the Atlantic coast and across the Arctic, flying for an EIC air operator can allow you the flexibility that you desire.

While working as a pilot for a major airline is one type of job in aviation, there are also several other kinds of flying careers. There are more than 15,000 professional pilots in Canada, but only 6,000 work for major airlines. Life in Flight provides opportunities for pilots to offer live saving support through medevac flying, operate surveillance missions, or to connect passengers and cargo to Canada’s most remote communities.

Once you have your training as a pilot, there are plenty of opportunities to live and work across Canada and internationally. Explore the Arctic with Calm Air and Keewatin Air, or provide essential service to Central Canada’s remote communities with Perimeter Aviation and Wasaya Airways. Fly the shores of Atlantic Canada with PAL Airlines and Air Borealis, or travel the world with PAL Aerospace. Whatever path you take, you’ll find that life in aviation is incredibly rewarding.

Why Life in Flight?

Life in Flight offers a complete path to an exciting aviation career, with financial support and mentorship that simply is not available anywhere else. ​Becoming a pilot through the Life in Flight program offers the opportunity to secure a long-term, rewarding career as a pilot, within a reputable group of companies. By joining the EIC family, you’ll have an open door to exciting and rewarding career options across the country.


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